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square meters is for exhibition halls.Exhibition hall A: The exhibits of ancient Chinese technology introduce astronomy, the compass, gunpowder, bronze smelting and ca

s▓ting, papermaking and printing. The displays of modern science introduce technology-electr▓omagnetism, mechanics, heat, acoustics, optics, nuclear technology and information technology. There are activities organized to encourage the participation of the visitors, encouraging them to explore and practice science via ex▓hibits.Exhibition hall B: Ho

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used in its new exhibition hall are more than 300 examples from aeronautics; astronautics; energy; communications; material science and mechanics; information technolog▓y; life science; and environmental science. Several fields of basic science are▓ also covered. Much focus i

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s placed on China's scientific▓ inventiveness and technological pre-eminence in history. Exhibition hall C: The Astro-vision Theater is one of the museum's major attractions and also one of the largest

Astro-vision theaters in the world. It encapsulates state-of-the-art cinema▓tography engineering that makes viewers feel they are participating in actual events rathe

r than seeing a film.In addition to permanent

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exhibitions, many ▓influential science activities are also held at the museum, and the museum aims

to become an important window showcasing the achievements of China's implementation of the strategy of revit▓alizing China through science and education.Further Information:A▓ddress: No 1, Beisanhuan Zhonglu, Beijing

. 100006Bus Route: Bus 1, 300, 302, 367, 380, 387, 406, 407, 422, 702, 718, 725, 730, ▓731, 734, 735, 801, 825, 830, 831, 834, 835, 967 or Yuntong bus 201, 101,▓ 104. Open: 9:00 - 16: 30. (Close

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d on Monday but open during national holidays)▓Admission: Exhibition hall A: 30 yuan for adult; 20 yuan for

stud▓ent. Exhibition hall B: 30 yuan for adult; 15 yuan for student. Exhibition hall C: 10 yuan for adult; 20 yuan for children. Tel: 8610-62371177-2109Website:▓/President Hu urges developing defense-related science,

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technology Venue: University of Science and Technology Beijing Gymnasium (Judo and Taekwondo venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games)Location:University of Science and Technology Beijin


anent and short-term exhibitions

nd TaekwondoPost-Games use: The Gym will serve as a comprehensive indoor cen▓ter for various sports activities, aquatics and fitness training, and will also be sui


. It was opened to the public in S

6 (Xinhua) -- The following is the full text of the Report on the Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets for 2009 and on the Draft Central and Lo


eptem▓ber 1988. As a national mus

ational People's Congress and was adopted on March 14: Fellow Deputies, The Ministry of Finance has been entrusted by the State Council to submit this repor

eum of science and tec

t on the implementation of the central and local budgets for 2009 and the draft central and local budgets for 2010 for your deliberation and approval, and for the members of the National Commi

hnology, it is an import

ttee of the Chinese People's Pol▓itical Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to provide their comments and suggestions. I. Implementation of the Central and Local Budgets for 2009 The year 2009 was th

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Tel: 010-050-0620
public, and help incr ease the scien tific and cult ural literacy of a ll citizens.The activities of China Science and Tech nology Museum include popula r science exhibiti ons, Astro-vision fi lm shows, training -based education pro grams and expe riment-based exhibition programs. The museum covers an area of 40,000 squa re▓ meters, o f which 16,000 巴东县wap 镇平县5G 逊克县wap 井冈山市5G 罗山县5G 江津市5G 周宁县wap 隆安县5G 海盐县wap 修文县wap 宝兴县5G 永德县wap 黄石市5G 民权县5G 利津县wap 商水县5G 介休市wap 利川市wap 六盘水市wap 穆棱市5G 新开靓装传奇私服 热血传奇私服补丁 传奇私服单职业发布网 传奇私服gm全套工具 传奇私服教学 韩版变态传奇私服网站 传奇私服打不开 传奇私服开区合区 传奇私服人气排行榜